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MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware

Another one of those amazingly great resources available for free online is MIT’s Open Courseware. They have put up course materials for around 1,900 courses on their website, from all of their departments. However, the completeness of the course materials is a little uneven, but happily, they indicate the extent of sharing with symbols for lecture notes, videos/audio, special features, and if there are only “selected” offerings provided.

One can’t complain, particularly given the nature of this very altruistic project, and shouldn’t– the courses with provided audio and/or video are quite thorough and engaging, and might even be overly involved for some (as can be seen below).

Here are some sample videos from their Youtube channel:

Calculus, for those who need an intro or brushup

A course on the Six Sigma principles for management

The image is of MIT’s Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry. The picture is taken from their admissions page.