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Hubble Telescope and Space

Hubble Telescope and Space

If there has been anything that said “I am a NASA project and space is awesome” in the past twenty years, it has been the Hubble telescope. It’s always a very awe-inspiring experience, just looking photos from HubbleSite. There is a sense of wonder, awe, abandonment of scale, and a healthy dose of speculation regarding the authenticity of these photos. After all, the colors, what they represent, is almost incomprehensible.

I like what HubbleSite offers, since the old Hubble Heritage site (in the earlier days, at least) offered pictures without a context. Now, there’s almost too much information– there’s commentary (podcasts and vodcasts) and other interesting articles and¬†multimedia presentations on HubbleSite.

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The photo is of the Cat’s Eye Nebula, or in other words, the start and end of something.